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This donation guarantees you, the players,a long term stability, an assurance that the server will not shut down suddenly because of the lack of funds, and the ability to keep the server lag-free as much as possible.

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Server Information

Server Population: Mega High

Server Time: 22:27 September 19, 2021
  Server Status: Online

Pirates Ranking

  • Flower

Vote For Server

  • Flower

Server Rates

  • Solo Exp 7
  • Party Exp 12
  • Drop Rate 8
  • Pet Growth 2000
  • Instant Lvl 120
  • Max Pet Lvl 51

Server Information

  • Accounts 458
  • Characters 631
  • Guilds 7
  • Online Record 165

Server Statistic Class

  • Champion 30
  • Crusader 86
  • Sharpshooter 70
  • Seal Master 22
  • Cleric 24
  • Voyager 98