Universe Pirates Online Guide (Leveling)

1. Create New Character
2. Use Welcome Package in your Inventory
3. Follow in Argent City to NPC named Welcome UPO - Sailor - 347,598
4. Chose your Level Bag ( Lv45 / Lv55 / Lv100 ) - Lv45 = FC, Lv55 = DS, Lv100 = Main
5. Next follow to Argent City Mall Store 378,604 and 351,611 and buy amps and fairy with poss
6. Follow in Argent City to Aurora Area or Dark Area 417,610 you can leveling there with your party members to lv120.

Solo Exp: 15x
Party Exp: 20x
Drop Rate: 8x
Fairy Rate: 650x

Maximum Player Level: 120
Maximum Fairy Level: 52